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How R.A.R.E Works

R.A.R.E uses breakthrough technology to permanently store digital art on the web and help artists assign a limited number of digital editions that can ever exist for collectors to own.
The Artist has Digital Art files they want to have limited.
The Artist Uploads on R.A.R.E

...and then titles the artwork and mints a limited edition of digital prints.

Provenance & certificates of ownership are stored publicly on the blockchain.

All art is saved on the blockchain and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) so that attribution of authorship is assured for eternity.

Collectors Buy or Trade the Limited Edition Digital art

Collectors support artists directly by buying their digital art. Artists receive 60% of the proceeds.

The digital art can be shown-off on the web on their phone and desktop, with more display partners to be announced.

All art on R.A.R.E is provably scarce, authentic and yours to own. It's secured by Ethereum cryptography.

Find great art and show your love

Find great art and show artists your appreciation <3

Joining R.A.R.E is FREE

Protect and monetize
your digital creations
like never before.

artists GAIN MORE with r.A.R.e


The technology of blockchain is powerful and will certainly have implications for the art world. Christie’s ... has recognized this.
Blockchain’s proof-of-ownership technology, combined with blockchain-based cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, have resulted in the “invention of scarcity” and a stronger market for digital art.
If attending the first ever live Rare Pepe auction taught me anything, it’s that if people are willing to spend digital assets worth nearly $40,000 on these things, then the traditional art world is going to have to ask itself tough questions whether it wants to or not.
The market for art created to exist on a screen has suffered from the ease with which it can be replicated. But blockchain allows artists to create digital editions of their work — just as photographers create a limited number of prints — and ensure that ownership can be tracked and verified.
The company (R.A.R.E) plans to tokenize digital artworks, thereby giving them a home on the blockchain, and to advise artists on how — and for how much — to sell their work.
The attendees of Rare AF believed they were witnessing history. They were certain that blockchain technology would reshape the future of digital art for years to come.


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