...than just passion projects.

They deserve to create on their own terms, unadulterated by the influence corporate goals.

Until today, artists' digital works carry no defensible value, as anyone can replicate and redistribute their files.

R.A.R.E changes everything. We introduce permanence, scarcity, and proof-of-ownership to the digital art world.

How R.A.R.E Works

R.A.R.E uses breakthrough technology to permanently store digital art on the web and help artists assign a limited number of digital editions that can ever exist for collectors to own.
The Artist has Digital Art files they want to have limited.
The Artist Uploads on R.A.R.E

...and then titles the artwork and mints a limited edition of digital prints.

Provenance & certificates of ownership are stored publicly on the blockchain.

All art is saved on the blockchain and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) so that attribution of authorship is assured for eternity.

Collectors Buy or Trade the Limited Edition Digital art

Collectors support artists directly by buying their digital art. Artists receive 60% of the proceeds.

The digital art can be shown-off on the web on their phone and desktop, with more display partners to be announced.

All art on R.A.R.E is provably scarce, authentic and yours to own. It's secured by Ethereum cryptography.

Find great art and show your love

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R.A.R.E Preferred Artists

Shout out to the groundbreakers
creating our more artistic future
The ability to sell limited edition art worldwide and develop relationships with collectors through R.A.R.E's platform is a game-changer for artists of all kinds.
"I can't believe this hasn't been done just makes so much sense – especially for graphic designers"
Bryan Woodland
Graphic Designer
I'm excited about R.A.R.E because it seems like an elastic way to present seems like the limits are wide and could be really exciting. You guys are building something cool to play around for artists – that's for sure.
Artist / Curator
I believe that RARE network is the first to fully address this new market of the future, and if it does well, many artists and companies will use it.
“I’m really excited to see what developments R.A.R.E. Art Labs brings to the crypto-art and crypto-music scene.”
DJ J Scrilla
For me, RARE is a great chance to be at the head of the race in the new market of digital-scarcity. I’m excited to see how this helps the digital art market evolve through the future.
Jefferson harris
The future economy could be so incredibly vibrant if artists have new ways to show, sell, and trade across the world
Julian Chappell
Everything is digital, you talk about having a cold and your phone starts popping up with ads for Theraflu. If artist can monetize their digital assets rather then have them used across the internet wit wild abandon, I'm all for it.
I feel like you guys are looking out for the artist. I think that  just being able to have a platform where you can protect your art, but also monetize off it at the same time, is a thing that artists need. We need more platforms like this. We need more avenues. And we also need to be educated more on ways to protect our creations.
Visual Artist & Designer
"Working with R.A.R.E. is compelling to me for the opportunities it presents for exposure and distribution as well as being part of a community. The most direct benefit is, of course, access to the vast and open marketplace not subject to the artificial limitations imposed by the art world establishment and the ability for the work to be authenticated, editioned, and sold via a transparent and fair contract. Secondly, being part of a new breed of artists, cross-pollinated with technologists, presents abundant opportunities for collaboration and co-creation. 
Kate Shifman
As an artist who primarily creates digitally, it’s often a huge time suck taking the next step and turning digital work into physical prints that can be marketed. R.A.R.E. gives me the potential to keep my work digital, dodge production costs, and spend time on what matters most: creating quality work to share with those who want to own something one of a kind.
Kasha Killingsworth
Graphic designer
Kate Shifman
I think this (R.A.R.E.) could really help a lot of our artists.
Kelly Towles
DC Artist and Designer. Director of POW! WOW!
“It’s shifting culture, like when Jay-Z says you have to go to Tidal to get his album and you’re like “well, damn, I guess I’m getting Tidal.” I think it has the potential to create an energy that helps people shift the culture, where you’re using art, which we use every day to shift culture, but changing the value on it. Now, it’ll be worth this much or that much, which is way more than we see in a regular dollar.”
Michael Millions
recording artist
RARE is an opportunity to put artists on the map & to collect them all. It’s kinda like Pokémon but better
Marshall Roach
(R.A.R.E.) certainly sounds interesting and I'm very open to learning more
Mike Broth
Richmond-based artist, muralist and writer
Looking at social media, I’m really not a huge fan, but 95% of the money I make is coming from people that see my stuff on there. A lot of this sh*t is on the internet and, international, so having a place where that could be specifically art-related makes sense.
Nils Westergard
When the innovation of
crypto-currency meets the vehicles used to create your own empire, R.A.R.E gives complete freedom as a creator
American producer, signed to Cash Money/Republic.
“When I first spoke with the RARE network I said -I want to make visual art and have a team of badass blockchain people handle the on-boarding, they replied, thats exactly what we do”
NANU Berks
artist & crypto cultural arts ambassador
Super excited about your project. Will certainly be reaching out to you for collaboration with my project when the time comes.
I think this (R.A.R.E.) could really help a lot of our artists.
Kelly Towles
DC Artist and Designer. Director of POW! WOW!
I think this (R.A.R.E.) could really help a lot of our artists.
Kelly Towles
DC Artist and Designer. Director of POW! WOW!
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R.A.R.E. Press

If attending the first ever live Rare Pepe auction taught me anything, it’s that if people are willing to spend digital assets worth nearly $40,000 on these things, then the traditional art world is going to have to ask itself Parker’s tough questions whether it wants to or not.
The company (R.A.R.E.) plans to tokenize digital artworks, thereby giving them a home on the blockchain, and to advise artists on how — and for how much — to sell their work.
If you can create a market for kittens, you can do it for digital art
The attendees of Rare AF believed they were witnessing history. They were certain that blockchain technology would reshape the future of digital art for years to come.

R.A.R.E. is committed to
increasing the total
artistic output of mankind.

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